Honda Amaze versus Hyundai HB20s going to be a stiff competition

Honda has recently launched the Amaze sedan in India, the car has already generate massive booking figures months before its launch. The Amaze is a sedan version of the trendy Brio hatchback. The exterior body of the Amaze delivers a strikingly attractive appearance; the car has prominent roof curves and lines on its side profile. The rear is fitted with classy tail lights adopted from the classy model of Honda City. There is artistic chrome that flows in the direction of the boot to resemble the Scala and Dzire.

Honda Amaze Black Modulo exterior

On the interior, the Amaze would resemble any other Honda car, the most prominent resemblance is with Brio. The posh and exciting atmosphere is offered by the high tech music system. For a more pleasurable driving experience, there are audio controls on the steering wheel in the most loaded model. The most appealing feature of the Amaze is the largest 400 litre boot volume which can fit in chunks of luggage. The main concern here was there is no room for folding rear seats.

The car is equipped with a powerful 1.2 litre petrol iVTEC engine that release impressive efficiencies of 109Nm peak torque and 88PS with an impressive mileage of 18 kilometres per litre. The chic car designed to obtain a spacious sedan of under 4 meters is fitted with 5 speed automatic type of gearbox.

The diesel mode is fitted with a powerful 1.5 litre iDTEC power train that delivers stunning efficiencies of 100PS and peak torque of 200Nm. This is Honda’s first venture into the diesel segment, and the most interesting point to notice is the supreme fuel efficiency of 25.8 kilometres per litre which is the largest figure in its class. The car is incorporated with quality safety features as well with ABS embedded with EBD in all automatic and diesel models.

The HB20s on the other hand is a pretty eye catchy sedan designed with the same sculpt patters as observed in i20, the only difference here is the presence of two engines of 1 litre Kappa engine of flax fuel make with three cylinders, and 1.6 litre Gamma power train that releases impressive energy outputs of  81 and 129PS.

In terms of dimension the HB20s will fit below the exclusive Verna model.

Hyundai HB20S front

With respect to exterior design, the HB20s might appear more professional, the Amaze is designed with an attractive body as well that would ideally suit the young demographic. In terms of engine efficiencies both cars are equally powerful, but with mileage the Amaze diesel is a sure shot winner and is also the most fuel-efficient among other Honda cars. The interior room is highly spacious in both models, in terms of pricing the Amaze is priced at Rs 5,16,766 for the entry level model. In terms of exterior design the Fluidic design philosophy might over power the Honda Amaze. The HB20 would suit corporate and highly qualified professionals to the hilt. Both models are worthy purchases, for those keen on an exclusive exterior design, the HB20s is a more worthy buy, and for those who pine for a simple yet elegant appearing model with breathtaking mileage, the Amaze is a worthier purchase.

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