The latest CR-V, Civic and Accord models are branded Best Family Vehicles

The Civic, Accord and CR-V are among the top ten family cars this year; these models have created a stellar image in India since launch. The criteria and selections were judged by reputed experts of and Parents Magazine. The competition was pretty stiff, and Honda managed to pull through from a tough hurdle of models in hundreds selected based on mileage, features, technology and efficiency.

honda cr-v india review

Officials from the American subsidiary of Honda have stated that Honda is one of the most appreciated brands with families, and is the most successful. The main reasons for huge customer turnover for these models are optimum consumer satisfaction and razor sharp features. The abundant interior room and advanced fitments are the main traits to attract small or large families.

The latest Accord model is branded among the highest sedan sellers by the reputed website called and Parent Magazine. The characteristic traits of this model are attractive design, impressive mileage, and world class technology of Lane Watch. Honda has emphasized on safety to the hilt, and is built with best-in-class safety features attributes by eminent regulations of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and so on.

The Honda Civic was tagged the most appreciated family model into its second year of ratings. This model is an ideal buy for budgeted car fans. Some of the pioneering features are internet radio interface, Pandora, Bluetooth, rearview camera, Hands Free Link, audio fitted controls on steering wheel and SMS text message facilities and so on. An interesting aspect about the Civic is it is tagged among the only small model to be chosen as leading safety vehicle with 5 star ratings by the National Highway Traffic Administration.

This is a commendable moment for Honda India with three of its quality models of Accord, Civic and CR-V bagging the best family models. These models have been exceedingly popular in India since launch. The impeccable and high tech interior features create a highly comfortable atmosphere for families. At present Honda has bagged the fourth position with respect to overall profit sale output despite the unfavorable car economy period which has tarnished the superior image of most esteemed car companies.

In India, most families opt for luxury cars, since the trend of nuclear family system is followed. These models are ideal for long and relaxed vacation drives after a hard day’s work. The facilities offered are stunning to listen to music with powerful base acoustics. The Honda Accord is priced at Rs 20.6 lakhs which is steep but an initial bulk payment can preserve chunks of money in the future with the credible safety features to prevent expensive and life threatening accidents.

For Honda fans this is exciting news and the three models are noteworthy purchase to enjoy stunning benefits and facilities that lasts a lifetime. The CR-V, Accord and Civic are built with mind blowing exteriors to attract ardent car fans and together with other quality features, purchasing these models becomes worth the time and money.

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