2013 Honda CR-V Petrol Versus Diesel

The CR V is appreciated for its sturdy and professional design; the car is not revered for its mileage. Honda has built only petrol versions of the CR-V and is now working on the CR-V diesel project. The petrol version of CR-V is equipped with a powerful 2 liter engine with cutting edge iVTEC technology matted to 6 speed manual gearbox. The car maneuvers at 7 km/liter, even though the dimensions are burly, the car offers effective maintenance properties.

honda cr-v india review front

The car is released in 2.4 liter petrol mill as well that can yield stunning efficiencies of 190Nm peak torque and 143 Bhp highest power. The CR-V petrol is appreciated for its amazing interior layout with world class safety features such as airbags for front and rear passengers, antilock brakes, electronic brake force distribution, vehicle stability built with traction control and brake assist. Optimum safety is contributed by G CON technology, which absorbs harsh collision impacts. An interesting fact of the car to note is CR-V is the first car in the world to function with hydrogen engineered zero carbon-dioxide release.

This is Honda’s first project in small made SUV segment; the features that grab customer attention are low mileage figures, spacious interiors, reliability and four wheel drive facilities. The car is built with advanced monocoque engine with excellent aerodynamic properties that is released with 1475 kgs for the two wheel drive option, and for the four wheel drive option the weight is 1595kgs. There is an all wheel drive mechanism as well that function with incredible technology on road on wet roads. The car is not suitable for off road drives and challenges.

To summarize the petrol engine fitments of the car the CR-V is offered with a 2.4 liter and 2 liter iVTEC engine. The 2 liter mill is built with 2WD and attached to six speed manual gearbox. The 4WD engine is attached to five speed automatic gearbox and also a basic six speed manual gearbox. The efficiencies released by these engines are 143Ps and 161Ps.

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The new CR-V is a luxury car to own with its abundantly roomy interiors, amazing engine efficiency and ground breaking safety. The car is priced at Rs 21-27 lakhs and is a worthy purchase for the lifelong safety benefits offered. The body of the car would suit the classy attire of highly qualified professionals. The CR-V is a common figure on Indian roads, the design is professional and eye catchy. Honda plans to launch a diesel version of CR-V. It would be interesting to observe the diesel variant of the car and the company with this version could improve the mileage which might be the only drawback with the petrol version.

The diesel version of CR-V is built with a potent 2 liter engine with four cylinders with an impressive displacement capacity of 2000. The energy released by the car is marvelous at 148bhp power and peak torque of 350Nm along with admirable mileage figures of 18kpl. The interior room is abundant here as well to accommodate five occupants and is priced at Rs 27,00,000.

The diesel version appears to be a worthier purchase in terms of mileage and engine efficiency. In terms of price the petrol version is a better purchase.

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