Honda Accord Car with incredible interior design

The first ever Accord launched in India was designed with mundane appeal; the Accord launched after that has improved style elements, and was appreciated for its eye catchy appearance. The car was artistically designed with triangular shaped head lights to create a classy front appeal, and on the rear the looks are pretty impressive, but not attention grabbing.

new honda accord

On the interiors, the atmosphere is comfortable and serene, according to sources; the armchair is extremely comfortable that one would feel the spirit to luxury to new levels. The center console has a classic image, the dashboard is designed in a classy and sophisticated manner, and instrument binnacle is designed with excellent calibration that offers visibility to those with power. For a highly comfortable vacation drive there are holes to fit in newspapers, books, small snack items. The comfort levels are known to be highly supreme that over powers even the Cruiser. The seating arrangements are impressive with amazing dimensions in terms of length and width. The main concern here is the head rest facilities are not optimum when compared to other luxurious products of Sonata and Camry.

The car is built with two power trains; the potent 2.4 liter four pot engine is constructed with variable and other world class technology techniques to release quality torque values for smooth urbane city drive atmosphere and also admirable mileage. There are a couple of transmissions to choose from with the 2.4 liter engine, there is 5 speed manual and automatic, and V6 variant is manufactured with auto tranny  engine. Sources are of the view that the manual is a better option to choose from, since the movement with automatic is rather slow, and does not blend with the sporty demeanor of the car.

The mileage with manual transmission option is decent at 8.5 Kmpl in urbane city conditions and 12 Kmpl on highways. With automatic the mileage in city is 7 and 11 Kmpl respectively. The V6 version is disappointing according to car enthusiasts in the mileage department.

The 2013 Honda Accord can maneuver at impeccable speeds at almost 200kmph without a hitch. The handling capacities are known to be magnificent, and excellent for long distance travel and useful for first time drivers. This car is known to be the most powerful product in D segment in the country, and is priced according to customer demands. The luxury levels of the car can be matched to Sonata and Camry. Some of the awe-inspiring features are impressive appeal, iconic and modern cabin, stunning performance, and marvelous handling capacities.

The 2013 Accord is priced at Rs 20 lakhs, and is a worthy purchase to enjoy a pleasurable and comfortable drive experience. The success of the car since launch has enabled the company to release the seventh generation model. The sporty appeal of Accord will match the taste of the sport crazy and highly qualified demographic. The interiors are known to be extremely comfortable, which makes this an excellent product to travel with a group of family and friends. Honda has indeed improved the style dynamics of the car to a whole new level since launch.

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