Honda City Diesel India launch date

Even with depressed economy and tough competition in Indian automotive markets, manufacturers are keen to launch their cars with in local markets as is obvious by registration of increasing number of participants to Delhi Auto Expo every year. Keeping with the trend automaker Honda Motors will launch car models in different categories along with scooters and motorcycles. Among car models to be launched in India during 2014 is its fourth generation Honda City car in both diesel and petrol variants. Older version of Honda City has enjoyed a successful stint in Indian markets making it the nation’s favorite mid-sized sedan. Recent hike in petrol prices however had setback sales of this model which was later captured by introduction of Honda Amaze diesel car.  The production model of New Honda City will be presented at Delhi Auto Show in 2013 and will be ready for sale by 2014.

new honda city diesel render picture 2014

The diesel version of Honda City will have 1.5 liter i-DTEC engine with better tuning for improved output and will be based on better technology. Honda aims to provide a balanced body structure for this car with improved suspension and speed control equipment suitable for Indian roads. The existing iDTEC diesel engine in Honda Amaze is capable of providing maximum power of 98 bhp therefore Honda City’s engine has to show better performance to signify superiority. Design changes have also been made in new Honda City to improve aerodynamics and reduce weight which will tend to increase mileage and power.  Front façade of the new Honda City will have a sporty new grille with wraparound headlamps and projector lights for brighter glow at nights. Price range of this car will be slightly higher than petrol variant but will be lower than INR 10 lakhs to bracket it as a mid range sedan car.  The new Honda City diesel car will have premium features like climate control, cruise control and satellite navigational system to keep it connected at all times thereby making it easy to locate in case of an emergency.

Honda expects a healthy reception for its diesel car due to India’s appetite for diesel cars and past success records of its Honda Amaze car.  Honda City car will debut in India with six to eight trim variants with diesel and petrol engine which will also have options of both manual and automatic transmission. This sedan car will longer than Honda Amaze which is a sub-4 meter car to capture segment left vacant by phased out Honda Civic. The automaker expects to tap into Honda Civic’s customer base and also make inroads into SUV market of existing leaders Renault, Ford and Toyota through sustained advertisement as a fuel efficient spacious car at a competitive price. Since a market already exists for Honda City among its faithful customers who would readily recommend the car to friends and family Honda is looking to recreate previous magic by providing innumerable options which no car lover can deny easily unless retrained by funds. Therefore careful planning needs to be done by Honda’s marketing team to price the Honda City diesel car in a manner as to achieve sustained sales.

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