Honda Motors may axe the Insight Hybrid

The global car market is extremely competitive, and when it comes to hybrid cars then the fight is even tougher. The global auto behemoths are always battling each other in order to excel and overtake the rivals with new innovative technology and greener cars. With the green cars being made mandatory by the governments of several countries, the competition of the hybrid cars has intensified even further. However, in this battle of the hybrids, while some models become very successful others succumb in the fight.

2012 Honda Insight LX

Something similar seems to have happened to the Honda Insight. Honda Motor had challenged the Toyota Prius with Insight Hybrid. However, the car is not a success. According to reports, while the car will still be available next year, it is not certain whether the Japanese auto giant will continue its production next year.

As per some reliable inside sources the Japanese car maker is not carrying out the usual preparations to produce a 2015 year model of the Insight. And thus, the very existence of the hybrid is on stake, and the car could just vanish into oblivion in a matter of a year.

When the insiders passed on this news, the media personals asked Honda Motors officially to throw some light on the matter officially. However, the company chose to keep mum on the matter and did not confirm or deny anything. Thus, it may be presumed that the news is actually true.

However, the Insight’s departure is not likely to be a very sad thing for anyone, as the car was not anything great and clearly not anything even worth comparing with the Toyota Prius. Though a hybrid variant, the Honda Insight is not actually a competent one. Some might as well say that the car is not even a complete hybrid at all, as its electric motor lacks power and the car does not provide an EV driving mode. Thus, the car electric motor is completely dependent on its petrol engine to even move the car and had no capability on its own even for a short period of driving. Any full hybrid model today can drive for some distance without taking the help of the gas or petrol engine on a full EV mode while driven under a specific speed limit, and this very important feature was completely lacking in the Insight. Well, for any EV or hybrid lover, this very fact could be reason enough to negate the Insight from the hybrid list.

The Honda Insight is not also favored for its visual appeal, as it has a very EV looking design language that really does not go down well with many. Moreover, if the Insight is really discontinued in the US market, then it would not really leave behind a gap, as Honda offers the more efficient and more conventional looking Civic Hybrid. Though the Civic Hybrid comes for an extra few thousand dollars, it surely is a better choice than the Insight.

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