Two powerful engine launches Honda City Diesel versus Hyundai i30

There are some new surprise packages under the wraps by Honda Cars India; one of them is the fourth-gen Honda City. The car was displayed on the 25th of November this year. This is excellent news indeed for ardent City fans; the new arrival will be filled with superior characteristics compared to its predecessor, in terms of mileage design and comfort. Fourth-gen Honda City will be equipped with a potent iDTEC 1.5 liter engine.

Honda city headlights

The exciting aspect about the launch of fourth gen Honda City diesel is the diesel aspect of the car. Honda first diesel project was the Amaze, and it has worked wonders for the company. Car enthusiasts and auto manufacturers are hoping for similar fortunes with fourth-gen Honda City diesel. The car will run on a powerful iDTEC DOHC 4 cylinder 1.5 liter diesel engine. This engine is tailored to meet optimum Indian lane conditions. The technology behind the engineering of diesel engine is called’ Earth Dreams Technology’ built to elevate mileage and engine capacity. The engine fitment in fourth-gen Honda City diesel is similar to that of Amaze, and this car delivers best-in-class mileage of 25 kmpl. The new City is expected to be more fuel efficient, since the company has sliced the engine to enhance its mileage and power.

Hyundai too has new grand arrivals; one of them is i30 hatchback. When launched this is expected to be the most spacious hatch in its class. Those who cannot wait to have a glimpse of the car can do so at the prestigious Auto expo of 2014. Hyundai has dreamed big with the i30 to churn many dreams into reality. The car will be offered in diesel and petrol fuels. The two engines will be engineered to generate supreme mileage and engine output figures. The i30 has already made a stunning appearance on European soil. Indian car fans would wonder of the customer response levels in the country when launched.

hyundai i30

Hyundai i30 will launch in diesel and petrol variants, and customers will have the luxury to choose between six speed automatic and manual transmission options. Hyundai aims to incorporate eco-friendly properties into its forthcoming i30, and the transmission modes will be tailored in a way that the energy outputs are impressive whereas carbon-dioxide emission levels are significantly low.

The upcoming Hyundai i30 will move with a mileage of 12 kmpl on ideal city roads and on highways the expected mileage is 18.5 kmpl. The average mileage likely to be yielded by the car is 15.3 kmpl, and the carbon-dioxide emission figures are 155 g/km.

Car buyers today prefer to buy cars with fiery engines and world class mileages, the fourth-gen City satisfied the mileage requirements. The figures are expected to be close to that of Amaze diesel. The car is expected to pump out potent energy outputs like the Amaze with the insertion of Earth Dreams Technology.

The fourth-gen Honda City diesel is expected to be a stunning package, with its all new H Exciting design theme, super comfy and luxurious interiors and world class mileage. Hyundai i30 is an interesting launch as well, packed with voluminous interior room and impressive mileage figures. Fourth-gen Honda City seems to be a better purchase with respect to reliable fuel economy outputs.

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